It’s a Wonderful Town!

Wall hanging of New York’s Central park from above

This piece was made for Cambridge Open Studios 2017 but was always intended as a personal piece.

I visited New York in 2015 on my own and really fell in love with the city. When deciding what my statement piece for the Open studios would be I just knew that I would have to create something to represent my trip.

As the division between the bright greens of Central Park and the cool greys of the surrounding city always stands out in Photos, I thought I would try to recreate this in a wall hanging. The buildings to the top and bottom are created by sewing individual patchwork pieces together, using 4 different ‘natural design’ fabrics. The park itself required applique, freehand sewing and layering of fabrics to achieve the design.

I was so proud of this piece that in 2019 I entered it into the Festival of Quilts, an international quilting competition hosted in Birmingham every year. While I didn’t win anything, I came away so proud to have the guts to enter in the first place and a drive to try again! Watch this space…